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I Will Be Away Dear admin

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Dear admin,Last day i have open my email and I have received that notice of not being active in the forum. I shouldnt have do that but its because I have not enought time for internet these past few days because I've been away at work for 2 months to concentrate to my studies. We are sent to different fields of industries and company to analyze their business process and create program for it. Since it is far, so i decided to be away for work at internet cafe and back after 2 months. And Im thankful to my boss to consider me for that. So, I'm sorry for not being active as I am before. But, I hope you consider me if I'm not that active. I'll just try my best to post at least 3 times a week or more. It's really hard my situation. But, I promise after I get back to work I'll be active as active as tiger (lol). seriuosly. My vow is still in Xisto!!thanks,deejames