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Control Panel help me

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Once you have been too on start of your hosting, and you had some problems. Would you be so kind to understand me to help me in this: I received control panel from Admin and website adress, but away I don't know what shall I do. How to make the first page? How will start it?


You can better start with making the page on your pc (its faster) and then upload it with ftp (get WS_FTP. do a search on google, theres a free version). You can use the inlog + password you got from the admin for this. Or you can use cPanel (yourdomain.trap17.com/cpanel) to upload stuff. You can also use some of the pre-installed scripts on cPanel to make a site, I did that with my site and it turned out nicely. Anyway, there are lots of FAQs on the forums of this site to get the details. Check them out.


Thank you so much, you really told me what is first. A dialogue about this on seconds topics are very difficult for me. I hope that I will overmaster making website step by step. Thank you once more and I wish you all the best.