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How To Edit Display Name instructions, please?

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might seem newbish, but how can one edit one's display name? :P i've seen it done by other members before, i'm just lost on how to do it. :)

i wanted to give instructions to a new member for a change of display name, since the one she is using right now is quite frankly a bit too raunchy. she made her presence earlier in the shoutbox, albeit just a one-liner, just repeating her username. saint_michael lightly admonished her by pointing out that the name won't be allowed here, which i agree with. hope you agree that this username is not fit for our forum. :D

it would be appreciated if anyone who knows can give instructions here, and i suggest admin have it posted in the Xisto README me as well for future reference. and oh, as i can't at the moment, kindly advise "Cristy" of the need to change her display name if you know how to do it. :) thanks!

electriic ink

Just PM BH with what you want your new display name to be. Only admins can change them....EDIT: PM Sent


Yes, it's an admin-only feature...I did it for the user now named dodgerblue.I think the profile for members who change their names still has the original name though, so that's something to look into.