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Why Do I Have To Click At Least 4 Times...

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Why do I have to click at least 4 times to go back at the forums?everytime, I go somewhere and want to go back, I have to click the back button 4 and sometimes even 5 times, I hear that clicking sound, but it does nothing, is this happening to anyoneelse?


That might be the ads.. doesnt happen to me so i dunno <_<just click the forum index button :)


Umm I don't know if it is the ads or what, but what I noticed is that it only happens whe I use Ei, when I use Opera, Netscapa or Firefox, it takes only one click and that's it, I guess I'll just use those other browsers insted Ei to view this website.


And if you are using dial-up then possibly you are experiencing a slow connection?