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I Keep Getting Automatically Switched To Lite!

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Whenever i click the boards link on the main page, i get sent to the regular version. but i try and view another page on the boards, i get switched to the lite pages. i tried the switch to main version link at the bottom, but that was only for one page view :rolleyes: . i tried deleting the cookies automatically, but that doesn't seem to help either...can someone please tell me what's going on??? thanks in advance


I was actually thinking the same thing. Even though it's been like this for a while & I just hadn't said anything, would rather be linked to regular board...


The "latest Threads" Section of the portal now leads you to the "lite" version of the forums. If that did not hel at all please reply to this with a better explaination because at the moment that is what I am picking up from your question!


Yeah when you go to the portal page click on "Free Web Hosting" to the left of the page. If that doesnt worl, go to the forums index by going to http://forums.xisto.com