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Strange Behaviour Of Forum Page problems with IE and firefox

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Whenever I use Firefox 1.0 to browser this forum I notice that the cpu usage shoots up to 99% and the mouse scroll wheel becomes erratic.And in IE 6, i have to press the back button three times in order for it to work. None of these problems show up in other websites/forums i visit.




Yeah i have the same problem with IE6 with pressing back 3 times, i am not sure about firefox because i dont use it but ill let the admin know. It seemed to happen when the new skin was patched, is that what everyone else got out of it?


yeah ... i had the same prob too ... i need to press 3 times back for previous page .. alot of pressing after i posted a msg .. :rolleyes: i think this is something to do with the google and other ads at the far right corner --------->the ads reloads after i clicked back each time ..