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Cpanel Login Problems

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For some reason I can't log into CPanel, it just keeps saying either the ID or PW is wrong but I know they aren't. Yet it won't have anything of it. Please help :rolleyes:


When you log into Xisto.com/cpanel it does not work! I know about this and i think other people do. You have to log in as your-subdomain.trap17.com/cpanel. Or by the ip address given to you on the account details.If your not logging in under Xisto.com/cpanel just ignore everything i just said because i have no idea.


oooooo...10X VERY MUCHits working now..but it worked before fine


yea it doesnt now cause of server change over :rolleyes:


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Awesome, thanks much. Xisto.com/cpanel won't work anymore but using your site address/cpanel works a charm.Thanks again!


Thanks 4 the info. Its helpful!