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I wrote this and want to know if you all think it is good?----------------------------Ready for a jolly jolly Christmas? Well nothing is better then to go to the Walt Disney World Resort for this time of the year? Why you probably want to know? Well, it is the holiday season! The most magical time of the year at Disney Theme Parks. Best of all you can just feel the spirit of the season in the air!Trying to get those Christmas lights up again? Getting the tree up? Tree falling everywhere, lights blowing off the house. Well, why are you doing all of this? You can just go to Walt Disney World! Once a year from the day after Thanksgiving to the end of Decemeber, Disney has gone on Holiday. Really, all over the resort, you can find millions of Christmas Lights, hundreds of Christmas Trees, and so much more themeing!Maybe the themeing to you is nothing? You still just want to stay home and lay down. Well, there is a lot more things to the parks. First at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, there firework shows got sort of, a make over.Wishes at Magic Kingdom which came in Feburary, became is istand hit! Replacing Fantasy in the Sky firework show. For special holidays, Disney has changed the show around. In Halloween, they introduced HalloWishes, night time spooktacular in the sky! Well, for these holiday seasons, they bring you.. Holiday Wishes: Spirit of the Season!The show takes you through the journey of the spirit of the season. The show brought things new to the firework shows. First new lights and new music. Next new fireworks! Disney is amazing with fireworks. They bring you Smile Fireworks and cube shapes fireworks. Also spinners and even some lasers!Then at Epcot, celebrate the new year with the world. For the finale 10 minuets of each show, there is a extra part added to it. Using from around.. the world! The show is simply amazing!Now Christmas Lights. People love lights. But Disney MGM Studios goes so far with lights, your head may just spin.. five million times! More then five million lights are place up for the Osburne Spectucular of lights! Each inch on each building is place with lights! Making images of disney characters, Santa, and more!Disney out done there selves every year. But this year tops it all off! As you know Disney Theme Parks around the world are celebrating 50 years of theme park magic. The happiest celebration on Earth! To help with this on ABC, they are filming there Christmas parade! With famous people from Disney Channel, singers, and more, and right on Main Street USA with the famous Cinderlla's Castle in the background!Do you just feel the spirit of the season in the air? Well at Animal Kingdom, all the animals are felling it! Bringing you, Mickey's Jingle Jingle Parade! Come and hang out with are your favorite Disney friends in the jungle. But Holiday theme! Disney must be on Holiday! Look at all of this! So why not these holiday season, come on down to Walt Disney World. From you spirit of the season to rocking with Santa down at Animal Kingdom! Just something you just don't want to miss!


good... What is Cristmas for U?


There are a lot of spelling mistakesgood use of words and adding feeling to the whole writinggood over all too Just replace the spelling mistakes and if it was to go on display I would format it a bit but apart form that it is a very good piece of writing...is this writing to be used some where?