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Tutorials ****updates*** admin, mods. member need to read this

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1:Also since this is a graphics tutorial datebase we require that you provide some sort of images used in your tutorial so anyone reading a tutorial on our forums will have a better idea on how its done. and keep the questions down to a minimum to like emergancy type questions and comments as well.


Mods before accepting a gfx tutorial make sure it has some sort of image on it that can include thumbnails, links to the image or the actual image its self.


2: In your topic title make sure you say what program you are using IE Paint shop pro, adobe photoshop or gimp.


use this format for the program:


Paint Shop Pro (PSP)


Adobe Photoshop (PS)


Gimp (GIMP)


Mods check the tutorial as well and edit the topic title if need be.




Add any updates that you see fit.


Wow, I can't believe I caused an update THIS big ... lol.Best,Xuan.


Although I have idiotic norton parental and can't see pics unless they are hosted at sites on the allowed site list(most tuts have pics that are though, so idc), I agree with SM, pics really help tutorials.And yeah, the PSP/PS/GIMP idea is helpful too, click a tutorial that sounds interesting only to get halfway through and realise it has things you can't do in (for me) PS, although you can sometimes improvise, still helps.So yeah, good idea.


It seems to me that No one is actually mentioning the name of the program in the topic title!Please make sure that everyone has to put the name of the software in the topic title..for e.g.[Photoshop]How to make circles in sigs.[Fireworks]How to make circles in sigs.So, this is imp. MODS PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS FOLLOWED PROPERLY!