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Brooklyn Tech News a highschool threat or something

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A Brooklyn Tech student allegedly sent threatening e-mails to friends, in which he referred to Columbine's tragedy in 1999. Stanley Wu, 17, chuckled when he told police he was sending out the e-mails to his friends, the New York Post reports. He's now being charged with aggravated harassment and making a terroristic threat.

Thats an news article from my school's site or something.

yo, ima go columbine on tech on friday, i'm bringin' an AK an acouple MAC-10'S and a bomb strapped around my waist, and I'm gonna assassinate george bush and some of our teachers as well. Be ready, I got my sniper aimin ultra violent rays between ya eyes.

I copied that directly from a chinese newspaper.

On a site note, Brooklyn Tech is a HighSchool in New York.

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Cerebral Stasis

Ultra violet rays between your eyes? Although I could be mistaken, I'm pretty sure that sniper rifles use lasers to target; that's on the wrong end of the visual color spectrum to be "ultra violet."Besides, from the way this guy talks, it makes it sound as if he expects George Bush to be at Columbine.