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I Have an Old Computer and Does anybody knows A good Painting Program for an old Computer??


If you have Windows 98, you must have Windows Paint. Give it a chance and really dig into it. You'll be amazed at what it can do, but all it's features aren't obvious, and some require creative use of the clipboard. Post your exact requirements and maybe I can help. I wrote a whole tutorial thing for kids with Paint, but it was so long ago I've forgotten more than I remember. LOL!




i agree with paintshoppro


I'd go with GIMP as well... Paint's alright, but not NEARLY as powerful.


And as Wuzzie, said we need computer specifcations in terms of RAM and what kind of paint program would you like? advanded? basic? paid version? free version? type of operating system.. maybe if you are using a Windows O/S you could use the basic paint program provide..


consider upgrading your os to at least windows 98..that way you'll have mspaint..but i'll suggest you use Gimp


If you can get a hold of it look for Paint Shop Pro 7. It is the last release by JASC before Adobe bought them out and made Paint Shop Pro a crappy 2nd to their Photoshop.


I used to use it all the time when I had Windows 98 and still have a copy of it that I use for minor jobs and it does some stuff just as good as my Photoshop CS2.


I DO NOT recommend any versions of Paint Shop Pro past 7 because like i said Adobe PURPOSEFULLY made it suck so that Photoshop had no competition. IF you wish for something newer use GIMP.


GIMP may run on windows 98, I haven't tried it personally.


Also one problem with your post, There are more factors to runnign a program then the platform, if you want to know for sure if it will run you need ot know AT LEAST your platform, your processor speed, the amount of RAM you have and the amount of free hard drive space you have. (also if its a game you may need to know what kid of graphics card you have, what version of graphics drivers you have and what kind of sound card.)


Paint Shop Pro is a great option. It used to be a wonderful image-editing program, and a strong competition to those high-end programs like Photoshop. It is only matter of choosing the right version for your OS and hardware, the one that runs best with both of them. Google for it; there are still several evaluation versions around of those oldies.Best regards,-L.

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